my portfolio

I have worked on a range of industries and interests, including:

Engineering, Marketing & Media, Holistic Health, Financial Sector, Technical Training and Entertainment

Creating a Sponsor Review presentation that tells the story of CTC’s uplifting projects and inspires involvement.

Cape Town Carnival 2021

Creating and refining the visual identity and design marketing touch points of a Reliability Engineering Company.


Translating an Interior Designer’s passionate idea into a functional logo and brand design.

Lila D Interiors

Help create a sales deck that brings a Cape Town International Community content platform idea to life.

Mother City Radio

Make a sales deck pop for a good cause through impactful beautiful design


Financial services company needing a touch of visual identity magic on their most used templates.


Many many years of being the go-to bedazzler of important presentations for this media agency.

The Mediashop

Creating a Sponsor Review presentation that tells the story of this NGO’s uplifting projects and inspires investment.

Cape Town Carnival 2020

Adding a touch of sophistication and visual spark to this Mindfulness guru’s minimalist presentation deck.


A taste of branding projects that I have worked on.

Logos and branding

Creating an interactive presentation brochure for prospective clients.

Donor Next

Repurpose newly designed PowerPoint presentation into practical usable template.

MediaMix 360