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Revamping and Upgrading CliqueMedia's Introductory Presentation.

information design, presentation design, presentation template

CliqueMedia enlisted my expertise to overhaul their Introductory Presentation, infusing it with a modern design and crafting a compelling sales pitch rooted in the latest research on South Africa’s underserved mass market. They also required a versatile template for showcasing their media asset catalog, ensuring it could be easily updated.

With extensive experience in the informal market and a growing portfolio of media assets, CliqueMedia needed an introductory presentation that not only demonstrated their expertise but also clearly defined the informal market, addressing its challenges and needs within South Africa.

During the discovery phase, we collaboratively designed the presentation’s framework to ensure a seamless flow and effectively convey CliqueMedia’s core message: “Connecting Brands With The Mass Market Where It Matters Most.” This phase also identified specific market gaps that CliqueMedia addresses, emphasising their unique value proposition.

The visual style of the presentation was built on three core principles:
1. Celebrating the main market through the use of rich visual elements, textures, imagery, and engaging text.
2. Presenting information in an accessible and interesting manner, highlighting CliqueMedia’s deep knowledge of the field.
3. Ensuring the content remains pertinent and useful within a corporate context, reflecting CliqueMedia’s professional ethos.

This comprehensive revamp not only refreshed the aesthetic appeal of the presentation but also reinforced CliqueMedia’s strategic insights and their commitment to connecting brands with the mass market in impactful ways.

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