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Cape Town Carnival 2022

Transforming Cape Town Carnival’s annual sponsor review into an engaging & dynamic PowerPoint presentation.

presentation design, information design, graphic design

The Cape Town Carnival (CTC) needed a dynamic PowerPoint presentation to supplement their Annual Report. This presentation had to balance detailed data reporting with inspiring content to motivate both current and prospective sponsors. The goal was to narrate the story behind CTC’s efforts and align with their annual theme: Reunited.

* Summarize the results and data from CTC's activities between May 2021 and April 2022, covering social, cultural, and economic impacts.
* Motivate sponsors and partners to renew their support for the coming years.
* Highlight the positive influence sponsors have on community groups, talent development, and crew members.

The presentation adhered to the creative direction of the printed Annual Review, integrating the theme of "Reunited". The design, copy, and intricate details brought this concept to life on screen, ensuring the audience felt the essence of the theme even if they hadn’t experienced it firsthand.
* A graphic element symbolizing the theme, these lines spin, intertwine, and weave together to narrate CTC’s Reunited story.
* The presentation flows with CTC through these Lines of Creativity, demonstrating the real impact and momentum achieved through the process of reuniting.

This approach ensured that the presentation not only conveyed critical data but also inspired continued and increased investment in CTC’s vibrant community initiatives.

"Hester is amazing at taking complex information and simplifying it. She used the combination of information and design to help us create a meaningful, clear and impactful message against a predefined audience. She was commissioned to create Cape Town Carnival’s annual sponsorship report which was really well received and exciting to present!"

Michelle Wood
Marketing Manager, Cape Town Carnival

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