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hi, I'm Hester

illustrator, info designer, surf addict, sparker of creativity and a creator of awesome presentations.

After many a harrowing “death-by-PowerPoint” experience as a Media Analyst, more than 16 years ago, I took a vow to battle bad presentation design and to never look back. I became obsessed with the inner workings of information; and how the structuring, connecting, and visual presentation thereof can inspire action.

Over the years I’ve developed an eclectic set of Marketing & Design skills that support your Presentation and Information in the following ways:

  • Effectively excite, sway, inspire and educate your audience.

  • Reduce overwhelm during the process of creating a presentation.

  • Present with greater ease.

  • Display your Information in a visually interesting way.

  • Make an impact with beautifully designed templates that celebrate your Brand.


"I can't say enough good things about Hester. Her work is FANTASTIC and she is very very easy to work with."

Kyle McGriff

Upwork Project Coordinator

My work covers a range of industries, topics, and interests, including: Engineering, Marketing & Media, Holistic Health, Financial Sector, Technical Training and Entertainment.

I work my design magic in PowerPoint, Google Slides, Word, Keynote, Canva, Pages, Prezi, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and Procreate.

My personal mission is to spark creativity in others using my knack for visual thinking and information design. I am a chronic doodler and drawing and illustrating is my life blood. (Follow my Creativity Journey on Instagram)

Brands I've worked with during the course of my career

Between adventures you’ll find me in a quiet seaside town in Cape Town, with sand between my toes and salt in my hair.
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