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Sticky Presentation Quote

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci

The process of effective presentation design embraces the idea of “Simplicity”. It is that quality of information that makes it easy to understand and to action.

A complicated presentation could look like:

* providing too much detail

* unstructured argument and story flow

* conveying more than one idea

* trying to achieve several outcomes

* unfocused and scattered design

A presentation that applies the principle of simplicity could look like:

* providing insight rather than detail

* a story flow that’s clear and engaging

* conveying only one idea

* focused on a specific outcome

* a unified design and feel

The process of creating simplicity in itself might be a bit chaotic, but should never feel convoluted or confusing. Catch yourself if you start to elaborate or over explain your information. It might be a sign that your idea is too complicated.


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