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Inspiring presentation design for Cape Town Carnival

Creating a Sponsor Review presentation that tells the story of this NGO’s uplifting projects and inspires investment.

Details below....

Cape Town Carnival (CTC), a Cape Town based NGO, needed a presentation specialist to help them translate their data heavy annual sponsor review report into a PowerPoint presentation. The presentation needed to be supplementary to the Annual Report, requiring a balance between reporting on data and actively inspiring sponsors and prospective sponsors to invest. It was also important that the presentation conveys the story that goes behind all of CTC’s efforts.

As the Annual Report and and accompanying video was still in the process of being created, we utilised previous presentation reports as referance. By workshopping and guiding the CTC team, we were able to craft an improved Sponsor Review that transported their audience into the lives and spirit of the incredible work that CTC does.

Converting a mixture of data and photographic images into powerful snapshot infographics allowed CTC to communicate the core of their successes and highlight possibilities for the year ahead. Some of these infographics were re-used for the other Annual Report material.

This report is fully editable, and can be adapted for specific sponsors.

Let me create awesomeness with your presentations using my knack for visual thinking and information design. View my Portfolio.


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