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presentation starter package

So you were tasked to present something and you don’t know what to do or where to start…even though you might be full of good ideas (or have a depressing lack thereof). 

Let me coach you through the 9 Step Process so you can create your own impactful presentation with ease.


My coaching sessions will help you:

  • Gain clarity and better understanding of your information.

  • Discover the best solution to effectively excite, sway, inspire or educate your audience.

  • Mitigate overwhelm and confusion during the process of creating a presentation.

  • Become intimately aware of your information so you can present with greater ease.


Ideal for newbie presenters and entrepreneurs needing to create courses, company credentials, product pitches and speaking engagements. 


  1. Free 1 hour onboarding session

  2. 3 x 1 Hour presentation coaching sessions

  3. Presentation template & design (limited to 20 slides maximum)



Optional Top-Ups include: Extra slides, Workbook/Leave Behind of 10 Pages (Client to provide content), One Pager Invitation/Social Media Post Image


  1. Onboarding session: The 9 step process

  2. Session 1: Step 1-3

  3. Session 2: Step 4-6

  4. Session 3: Step 7-9

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