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sticky presentations

create and present information in a meaningful and enjoyable way

beautiful impactful presentations for:

pitches  |  courses  |  speaking engagements  |  research & reporting

Effectively excite, sway, inspire and educate your audience.
Reduce overwhelm during the process of creating a presentation.
Get intimately aware of your info & present with greater ease.
Make an
impact with
beautifully designed slides.
Michelle Wood
Marketing Manager, Cape Town Carnival

Hester is amazing at taking complex information and simplifying it....[the Cape Town Carnival’s annual sponsorship report] was really well received and exciting to present!

Chris Botha 
Group MD of Park Advertising

Hester is a critical part of our business. We would recommend her for any business looking to add some class to the presentations they do.

Johann Söhnge
Consulting Actuary, Impact Investor

The first draft she shared with me was basically in my view a final product! I was very impressed with how quickly she understood the brief and organised the information in a very useful understandable way.


Hi, I'm Hester,

Illustrator, info designer, surf addict, sparker of creativity and creator of awesome presentations

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