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Yellotec New

Update an Engineering Company’s Corporate Information in a refreshed and modern design.

visual identity, information design, graphic design

Yellotec needed a revised design for their Corporate Profile, Corporate E-Mail Brochure and Information Poster that reflects their visual identity and new business focus. This was to be used during the Electra Mining 2022 show, one of the biggest Engineering events in SA.

Through workshopping and using a mood board for inspiration, we revised the current Look & Feel with a modern design, yet still based on Swiss style. This included use of black, some greys, and white with a splash of Yellotec Yellow as well as creative use of the Arial font. We also provided input to some of the style elements of the Physical Stand design.

We updated the Corporate Profiles with new information and styled it based on the refreshed Look & Feel. The style was also applied to the informative wall poster that required a new layout.

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